Electric Scooters Warranty Extension



The E-TWOW ULTIMATE PROTECTION package is the most comprehensive coverage package for an E-TWOW owner to buy SAFETY NET (MEDICAL CARE) with just 200 euros.


Α. Warranty Extension – E-TWOW SAFETY NET

Extended warranty extending from 2 to 5 years for all E-TWOW products!

The complete E-TWOW Safety Net package offers nationwide FREE shipping and repair of your E-TWOW product, whenever there is a manufacturing failure (good use).

Why get an E-TWOW safety net with your new vehicle?

1. Free Shipping & Repair: Covers manufacturing defects related to the mechanical parts of your appliance (not indirectly or directly the customer’s fault). Extending the warranty excludes the battery, the controller and the display, whose warranty is one year.

2. Scooter Replacement: During the factory repair, you will be given another temporary replacement scooter so you can continue your travels smoothly.

3. Unlimited and Free Repairs: Whenever manufacturing damage occurs to your product FROM GOOD USE, during the above period, we will repair it.



Complete one year package of INTERAMERICAN Customer’s HEALTH INSURANCE coverage (for any reason) for up to 20,000 euros.

“Indicative for accident coverage, for customer age 40 years”, which succinctly the following benefits:

  1. Cover up to 20,000 euros in case of an accident
  2. No participation
  3. Double room in all partner hospitals (full list is provided)
  4. Exclusive nurse coverage for 1 shift per day for up to 30 days
  5. 500 euros for an emergency in the outpatient clinics of our partner private hospitals and in Medifirst
  6. 100% coverage for hospitalization and abroad (Europe) up to 20,000 euros
  7. 90% for coverage outside Europe within the same limits (the fund may participate in the dispute).
  8. In case of surgery during hospitalization, up to 500 euros are reimbursed to the client for out-of-hospital expenses incurred up to 30 days prior to hospitalization and up to 60 days later.
  9. In special cases, after-hospital expenses will be covered up to 9,000 euros in a rehabilitation center.

* Details are included in the terms of the contract delivered to the customer by Interamerican

After the 1st year, annual renewal costs 85 euros.

Sincerely, E-TWOW

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