Electric Scooters Safety Rules

Safety First


At E-TWOW, we believe that your safety, as well as public safety, comes first and foremost. Therefore, the following terms and conditions must be observed by riders before they begin their E-TWOW scootering experience:

1. Wear light or reflective clothing to maximize your visibility at night.

2. Wear a helmet approved for cyclists to protect your head from injury.

3. Wear driving glasses or glasses with plastic lenses to protect your eyes from insects, wind, dirt, rocks or other airborne materials.

4. Wear elbow and knee protectors.

5. Wear slip-resistant shoes and always avoid wearing sandals, flip-flops or loose-fitting laces or high-heeled shoes.

6. Drive with the flow of traffic, and never against, on the right side of the road, like cyclists.

7. Keep speed limits and never travel faster than your skill level or faster than conditions allow.

8. Learn how to use hand signals and mark long before turning or changing lanes.

9. Pay special attention to intersections, parking entrances and exits and lanes..

10. Avoid hitting road hazards, such as sharp bumps and holes in the road surface. These hazards can cause loss of control or damage or accident.

11. Be very careful of inbound traffic from behind you.

12. Do not use your scooter at night. The scooter is not suitable for visibility in dark or low light conditions. It may not be easily perceived by cars, pedestrians or other motorbikes or bicycles.

13. Drive only on smooth hard surfaces. Scooters are not designed for off-road use. Be careful when driving over obstacles.

14. Avoid pebbles or dirt roads. Do not allow the electric scooter to be used in the rain or drive through puddles with water. The engine, the battery and the controls / brain can be damaged when exposed to water.

15. The scooter should only be used by one person at a time. THIS PERSON MUST BE AN ADULTS (OVER 18 YEARS OLD) AND HAVE A MOTORCYCLE OR CAR LICENSE. Do not carry extra people or objects while driving. Do not put extra loads on the motor scooter by pulling or towing anything.

16. Park your scooter in such a way that you will not block sidewalks, disabled ramps and entrances or emergency lanes.

17. Check all connectors, hinges and quick release to ensure that the board is properly mounted. Stop using your scooter immediately if a fastener, hinge or quick release is loosen.

18. Avoid driving on pedestrian sidewalks, as this will endanger both rider and pedestrian. However, if on sidewalks, the speed of the scooter should not exceed 6 km / h.

19. Always drive the scooter in full compliance with national driving regulations (CIC) and respect pedestrians and other vehicles to avoid causing any accident or even death, either directly or indirectly.

20. Never drive your scooter under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

The Same Rules apply to E-TWOW CITY-BIKE and E-TWOW FAT-BIKE.

The rider is solely responsible for the strict observance of safety measures and regulations. By this message, we believe that the rider is officially and properly informed of the risks involved in any inappropriate or irresponsible or inappropriate driving of all E-TWOW products, and E-TWOW is not responsible for any direct or indirect liability consequence, injury, expense, injury, accident etc. resulting therefrom.


Driving with Safety,
Best Regards, E-TWOW

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